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ALEX FREW Charms With New Track ‘9 Feet Tall’

Shared alongside his debut EP, Alex Frew shows us what he has in-store for this year.

Alex Frew 2021

Canadian musician Alex Frew has kicked off this year on a high note as he shares new single 9 Feet Tall alongside his debut EP Cobalt. The track embodies a stirring energy and frenetic vibrancy that feeds the EP, as delicate falsetto tones dance atop catchy electronic beats. With a dreamy accompaniment to gently guide and ease listeners, Alex takes you on an introspective exploration that feels deeply intimate yet highly relatable at the same time.

Speaking more about the EP, Alex shares:

I want people to feel a little bit bigger than themselves while listening to the project. I’ve always gravitated towards songs that made me feel boundless, and I sincerely hope that this collection can convey those emotions.

He continues:

Cobalt is the colour I associate to all of emotions and the entire sonic palette of the EP. Dealing with introversion, depression, substance abuse, and search for romance. The colour Cobalt represents the moody, blue emotion that inspired the creation of this project, and has stuck with me for the past several years.