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AMBER JAY Shares Atmospheric New Single ‘The House’

Sharing her debut EP Never Too Far From A Dark Thought, Amber Jay showcases her off-kilter brand of alt-pop.

Amber Jay 2021

Liverpool-based musician Amber Jay brings her unique sonic corner to the world’s attention as she unveils her debut EP Never Too Far From A Dark Thought. Fusing elements of different inspirations to create an evocative and beguiling sound, it’s an enchanting introduction to be faced with. She says of the EP:

The EP really just forced itself into the world. I didn’t plan to make it but after recording ‘Stay The Same’ it all made so much sense that this body of work needed to be made. I had a handful of songs full of heart and atmosphere, that I knew I wanted to give out one day but it really felt like the universe took me and put me in all the right places to make them into the form they are today. The EP has such an energy and is packed with my personality and vulnerability which is scary and exciting all at the same time. This collection of tracks has compacted into what I feel is a solid foundation that I want to grow and build upon as I go forward.

She also shared her final single from the EP, The House, on the same day. Brooding with wavering beats and haunting tones, the tension ebbs through the track to keep you hooked on. She explains:

‘The House’ is a menacing, raw and psychological track about a mutual understanding with someone who is going through something you’ve experienced. It explores the idea of being caught in a crossroads, when you have to decide whether to continue to live in a way in which is to please others but pains yourself and confronts the discomfort of admitting the truth. It’s also about lust and giving into feeling something so strongly that even if it was just a temporary interaction, you believe it is so right you’d give up everything just for that one experience.