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TEP NO Shares New Single ‘Higher Than This’

Canadian artist Tep No returns with atmospheric electro-pop cut Higher Than This.

Tep No 2021

Canadian singer, songwriter, musician, and record producer, Tep No offers up a delightful slice of summer nostalgia with his latest track Higher Than This. Sitting somewhere between chillwave and pop music, the song glistens with fluttering synths and mellow vocals dancing atop a delicate, lush texture. With relaxed beats and escapist lyrics underpinning the track, Higher Than This is sure to bring sunshine to your day.

Speaking on the new release, Tep No shares:

The song focuses on wanting to be with someone when they’re not where you currently are, and the rush you get when you’re on your way to meet with them, hanging out with them and doing drugs together. There’s a lot of sexual tension and sexual connotations within the lyrics, where the person is convincing someone that they’re “The One”. On another level, the song tackles the issues of recreational drugs being taboo, and religious sin associated to it. If heaven finds us impure because of our actions, then we’ll go and make our own space to coexist.