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SAM WILDER Releases Emotive New Track ‘Vanity’

Sam Wilder helps us find beauty in our pain, with the new single Vanity.

Sam Wilder 2021

Music has been used as a form of art and self-expression since as long as anyone can remember, and this is definitely the case for contemporary artist Sam Wilder. Having written poetry on the world around him since a young age, Wilder found solace in music, using it as an outlet and way to share his feelings. In 2020, Wilder released his first two singles, House and Just September, which were the first insight to what this power-house of emotion was made of.

Now, in 2021, Wilder has fallen straight back into the swing of things, and has just released Vanity. The strongest of his three singles, the track takes on a sound much like that of Sam Smith’s, and brings a wave of emotion to listeners. Led by just Sam and his piano, and floaty background melodies, Vanity is a relatable track full of pain and vulnerability, but the way in which Wilder has composed the single wraps the listener in warmth and safety.

On the release, Sam Wilder explained to us:

‘Vanity’ is a song about feeling used and manipulated by the people who are supposed to lift you up and keep you safe.