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GREAT GOOD FINE OK & EMILY BURNS Release New Track ‘Could Be Us’

Buzzing with passion and energy, Could Be Us is a love song from Great Good Fine Ok and Emily Burns.

Great Good Fine Ok

Great Good Fine Ok have teamed up with Emily Burns for sparkling new single, Could Be Us. The track is the third single taken from the duo’s upcoming debut album.

Pairing dance pop-leaning production with indie pop greatness, Could Be Us is a carefully paced, electronic-laced love song. Emotive and heartfelt, the track shimmers with fluttering synths and warm vocals, creating an irresistible and hooking sound. With a touch of blissful nostalgia to it, Could Be Us will resonate with you in no time.

Speaking on the new release, Great Good Fine Ok share:

In such an unpredictable world, we want love to be the one thing that could never fall apart. We all fantasize about the same kind of love: unconditional, cinematic, unwavering. It’s that 80-year-old couple in the park, holding hands, laughing, still in love. We hope that “could be us.” But relationships are complicated, and that pedestal can feel very high. This song is about a couple doing the work, asking questions, trudging through this minefield hoping to come out the other side stronger than before.