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HAYDEN EVERETT Stuns With New Single ‘Resolve’

With a touch of melancholy sweetness to the mellow sound, Resolve is a reminder of the beauty of the world.

Hayden Everett

San Diego-based rising artist Hayden Everett continues to charm listeners with his alt-pop blend as he offers yet another dazzling cut, Resolve.

A keen environmental advocate, Everett has adopted a storytelling approach to songwriting, crafting music that touches on so many levels. On Resolve, he paints the air with light piano brushes and swirling synths, topping it with his tender vocal performance to deliver an important message. With a visual quality to his music, Everett speaks his heart, reminding us to truly appreciate the wonders of the world that surround us.

Speaking on the new single, Hayden Everett shares:

‘Resolve’ is about my own frustration with apathy and lack of wonder. We’re constantly surrounded by beauty, and it’s such a tragedy that we’re desensitized.