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FLETCHER GULL Shares New Single ‘Transgressive Soliloquy’

A reflection on the modern way of living and the disenfranchisement we feel from technology, Transgressive Soliloquy is the critical new release from Fletcher Gull.

Fletcher Gull

Australian musician Fletcher Gull continues to forge his path ahead as he shares his searing new single Transgressive Soliloquy. In a world that’s seen much of homogeneity and carbon copies of trends, his voice is one that breaks out from the crowd and challenges the ease of conformity with an urgent sound. Between his piercing vocals and evocative brass tones, he creates a complex texture that’s imbued with weight and full of discoveries at every sonic corner.

Speaking more about the track, which explores his own disillusionment with the technology we surround ourselves with, Fletcher says:

“There’s a line in the sand, which side are you on?” In the modern world we live closer to each other than ever, but our worlds have never been further apart. The news outlets in our feed and the friends on our Facebook define the reality in which we live. “You only have to hear what you want to” and listening to different perspectives is considered dangerous because it might force us to look in the mirror and not like what we see. So we surround ourselves with people and stories that reinforce our narrow worldview, insulated in the cosy walls of our tribe.  

To go out on our own and endeavour to map our own path to the truth has become a tightrope walk over a pit of knives. Even if we don’t fall, we might be cast out for our transgressions and we will be naked in the world, an outsider to everyone. It’s a world where the wilfully blind throw stones and honest people get caught in the crossfire. This song is for people walking that tightrope; don’t lose hope, it will lead somewhere.