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RILEY PEARCE Shares New Single ‘Night.Love.Sleep’

Reigniting listeners’ belief in true love, Riley Pearce has warmed all our hearts with Night.Love.Sleep.


Riley Pearce began his musical journey back in 2016, and it’s been full steam ahead ever since. It’s always been said that heartbreak makes for the best music, and Pearce epitomised this statement back in the beginning of his career; his debut album, Outside The Lines, explores love lost, going through and dealing with an emotional turmoil. This was a strong theme of his music up until recently – with his new work, he’s thrown the boat out and taken on a new style of music, this time taking inspiration from being in love.

Love And All That Stuff is a 5-track monologue on being unconditionally in love with someone, heavily inspired by his own relationship, but made for all to resonate with. The track that stands out is the fourth song on the EP, titled Night.Love.Sleep. In it, lo-fi beats are accompanied by Pearce’s soft and slow vocals. It’s a very comforting, laid-back song, that feels like a warm hug from the person you love the most in the world. Night.Love.Sleep, and the Love And All That Stuff EP as a whole, help reignite listeners’ belief in true love.

On the EP, Pearce says:

This EP is all about journeying through life alongside someone you love, the ups and downs of a relationship, constantly trying to improve yourself for them; planning a future together and letting someone eat the last chip because you know they’d appreciate it.