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BETH MCCARTHY Shares Tender New Single ‘She Gets The Flowers’

Beth McCarthy offers alt-pop thrills with her heart-rending new track She Gets The Flowers.

Beth McCarthy 2021

Having generated over 3,000,000 views after posting a teaser clip of the track online, Beth McCarthy has released a full version of She Gets The Flowers. The song is an emotionally-charged tale of sorrow and heartbreak.

With soaring emotion, McCarthy transforms the sharp pang of heartache into a state of melodic bliss in She Gets The Flowers. Her soft, heavenly vocals gracefully glide over a mist of spacious electronics and dark-pop leaning production. The climax of the song is tinged with acute melancholia as the lyrics deliver the final blow, channelling the raw honesty that is sure to resonate with every nerve in your body.

Speaking on the new single, Beth McCarthy shares:

This song tells the story of another person getting the relationship that you wanted and the pain behind that experience. I was actually inspired to write it by a Tiktok of a girl tearfully sharing her own account of this situation and I used the words from this video to create a chorus idea for the song which I shared to my own TikTok. I received so many comments from people who had been through the same thing, who felt understood by the concept and I just found it so powerful that people from all over the world could share in the same kind of pain but from entirely different circumstances – from this, I decided to write the full song!

I want people to hear ‘She Gets The Flowers’ and feel that the song, the hurt, the heartache is theirs. It’s their story, I’m just telling it.