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KATE LOMAS Unveils New Track ‘Heavyweight Champion’

Bringing a bubbly drive, Heavyweight Champion shows off Kate Lomas’ personalised off-kilter pop sound.

Kate Lomas

Pop songstress Kate Lomas has never been one to confine by the rulebooks, whether in life or in music, and it’s a theme that has carried into her newest single Heavyweight Champion as she channels her own jangly brand of pop. With over-the-top processed vocals and piercing synth loops, there’s something oddly intoxicating about how artificial the soundscape is and you’ll almost find yourself feeling intoxicated within it. As the vocals banter back and forth in the chorus, it creates an almost-childish teasing that complements the syrupy melody. Lo-fi drum beats generate a current that’s carried throughout the whole release and latches you onto the drive of the track.

Heavyweight Champion is the first single from Kate’s upcoming project, Sad Summer Feelings. Elaborating on the upcoming release, Kate confesses:

This project is about riding the wave of depression, and experiencing moments of true freedom and liberation throughout the summer of 2021. I felt like I really needed to go somewhere different musically for a moment, having experienced depressive feelings over the last year. ‘Sad Summer Feelings’ is my roadmap through the highs and lows to come, and I hope it will help people in the same way it’s helping me.

Speaking more about Heavyweight Champion specifically, Kate shares:

‘Heavyweight Champion’ is about the rush of excitement and the stream of reckless behaviour we tend to indulge in during difficult times. We can end up riding the line between recklessness and having a good time. This song is about the month-long party I’m going to be having at the beginning of the Summer when life starts to return to normal.