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PEAKS! Get You ‘Fired Up’ in Newest Single

Turin-based duo PEAKS! continue to carve out their own sonic corner as they share their sophomore single Fired Up.


Photo: Shape The Light

Blending heart-tugging riffs, touching vocals and rousing drum beats, the track mixes the energy and intensity of rock with a more delicate emotional touch to resolve in a sound that belongs to the duo. The chorus makes sparks fly with high vocals and frenetic guitars riffing as an undercurrent, and the anthemic nature of it is amplified by the full-bodied texture. Lyrically, the track touches upon the thoughts we may keep to ourselves in order to present an uncrackable, flawless facade, yet how our reality is likely far from this presentation. Juxtaposing the sweeping soundscape with the more nuanced and delicate lyricism, Fired Up will strongly resonate with listeners and continue to build up the sonic empire of PEAKS!.

Speaking more about the track, the duo explains:

‘Fired Up’ is about our mental health and how fragile we all are. In this specific case, the song portrays depression like a long-time friend that rears its ugly head from time to time, whilst we try to build a wall to avoid any kind of eye contact, we still pretend to act as ‘normal’.