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VALENCIA Share New Single ‘So Sober’

Filled with dreamy melodies and honest lyrics, So Sober is the latest pop stunner from LA-based duo Valencia.

Valencia 2021

Electro-pop duo Valencia is made up of California’s Jadeyn Madsen and London’s Lou Courts. Following their previous single Not At My Best, the pair continues to charm listeners with their emotional vulnerability and blissful soundscapes as they reveal yet another wonderful track, So Sober. Sweetly melancholic and pensive, the track showcases the duo’s ethereal vocal harmonies over a bed of soft electronics and rousing piano notes that slowly yet confidently burst into an alt-pop glory. Dealing with hardships and suffering, So Sober is a heartfelt piece of music, offering a sweet escape we all need from time to time.

Speaking on the new single, the duo explains:

This song is for anyone who’s ever been going through it. ‘So Sober’ is about working through the hardship; coming back from the low points in life (losing a job, or a terrible breakup) and when you’re trying to drown it all out, you find someone or something that makes you want to keep going.