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BROTHER ALFRED Share New Single ‘Safari Hat’

Finland’s Brother Alfred offer up a laid-back mixture of indie-funk and pop on their latest track Safari Hat.

Brother Alfred 2021

Made up of Mathias Hermansson and Julius Jupiter, Brother Alfred have released the first single of their upcoming album Love CD. Pairing indie-pop sensibilities with 70s-inspired synth stylings, the duo emerges with a delightful sound full of shimmering textures and sun-kissed vibes. On Safari Hat, groovy rhythms combine with dreamy melodies and soft vocals, creating a summer-ready anthem. With a heavier lyrical theme that deals with overthinking and doubt, this track is sure to ease your sorrow and lift you up.

Speaking on the new single, the duo explains:

‘Safari Hat’ circles the mindset of an over analyzer. How to keep your head cool, while you’re neck deep in the warm fuzz of a new crush? Why wouldn’t you just dive in? It’s about a person who’s tired of hiding their true emotions under a cheery surface: The Safari Hat.