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TRAVIS JAMES & ESTEVA Warm and Break Hearts With ‘Miss Those Days’

Miss Those Days is the outcome of a drunk call to an ex, beautifully executed by Travis James and Esteva.

Travis James 2021

Yet another shining example of Canada’s incredible music scene is Travis James, who – having been creating since 2017 – uses music as a way to both share his experiences and create a safe space for anyone that’s been through the same things. Travis has an enjoyable voice that perfectly matches the soft tones of his tracks, and this is displayed in his latest single, Miss Those Days.

Written following a drunk call to an ex, Miss Those Days sees Travis James and Esteva showing two sides to the same story. The pair’s contrasting vocals complement each other and emphasize the romantic aspect of the single, really pulling on those heart strings. Despite the calming message of the song, the instrumentals used to convey it come with an energy, making the track feel more uplifting and heart-warming, putting a positive spin on the lost love.

On his time as an artist, Travis commented:

I knew the minute I picked up a guitar that music was going to be what I spent the rest of my life pursuing. The feeling that lyrics can serve as another pathway to connecting with the world, brings me so much joy.