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NATALIE MCCOOL Unveils Soulful New Single ‘Take Me To Your Leader’

Addressing feelings of insecurity and imposter syndrome, Take Me To Your Leader is the revealing new track from Natalie McCool.

Natalie McCool 2021

Liverpool-based songstress Natalie McCool makes an impression with her heartfelt new single Take Me To Your Leader, lifted off her forthcoming album Memory Girl which is set for release on July 30th. Having managed to storm ahead in 2020, despite all of the challenges going around in the world, Natalie will undoubtedly take this year even further if the new single is anything to judge by.

With a more laid-back energy, without losing any zest and passion, Take Me To Your Leader is an  impacting cut that builds slowly and subtly, which keeps an aura of mystery and enticement throughout. Natalie’s honest vocals soar atop an alluring accompaniment of sweeping beats and gaping electronics, allowing for an expansive soundscape to fill the crevices of space without ever feeling too much. Taking on the topic of insecurity and imposter syndrome, the lyrics hit in a relatable manner as Natalie muses upon the times where we’ve felt as if we were in a separate bubble from everyone else, and the desire to belong within somewhere.

Explaining this in further detail, Natalie shares:

A lot of ‘Memory Girl’ is about overcoming imposter syndrome in the world around you, and within yourself – and I think ‘Take Me To Your Leader’ is the track which most explores this theme. I’d had this idea of feeling ‘alien’ floating around for a while – and the phrase ‘Take Me To Your Leader’ is one I’d never really heard in a song before, so at first I was unsure but it really grew on me.

It’s about wanting to belong – almost obsessively, wanting to have something valid to say, and these thoughts and feelings spiral until you become fixated “I want to peel your skin, dive for gold, let me in.”