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VALLEY Share Infectious New Single ‘Tempo’

Toronto-based Valley preach a carpe diem philosophy in their new summer gem Tempo.


Photo: Becca Hamel

JUNO-nominated quartet Valley continue to create buzz with their own brand of indie/alt-pop aesthetics as they release delightful new single, Tempo. Filled with radio-ready pop hooks, dance grooves and sun-kissed melodies, the track shines with a refreshingly genuine and triumphantly joyful sound that illuminates the band’s personal philosophies. Encouraging us to find wonder and joy in every moment, Valley craft a blissful slice of summer euphoria, offering a sense of togetherness and youthful carefreeness.

Speaking on the new single, Valley share:

Life is short and moves quick. Taking a second to really experience things is so important these days. So lyrically, it’s about obsessing over a moment or someone in your life but in the sweetest and most pure of ways; from waking up with them in the morning to going out with them at night and existing together in the mundane…but it meaning the world to you. It’s wishing we could slow down time to experience each moment together more deeply. ‘Tempo’ is all about tension and release sonically.

The song was created as part of a new collaboration, as the band reveals:

We wrote it with the lovely Soaky Siren (‘Nobody’s Love’ by Maroon 5) who we ended sampling all over the song, her voice has such a lush vintage yet modern feel to it. It really fills the space throughout ‘Tempo’ in a beautiful way.