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Monthly Archives: August 2021

Modest Mouse - Minneapolis - GIG GOER

Live: MODEST MOUSE // The Armory, Minneapolis, MN

Modest Mouse stopped by The Armory in Minneapolis last week in celebration of their seventh album The Golden Casket, putting on a wonderful show for their loyal fans. As veteran performers with years of experience and a multitude of releases under their belts, Modest Mouse

Somobody's Child 2021

SOMEBODY’S CHILD Share New Single ‘Stubborn’

Bringing invigorating instrumentals and soaring melodies, Somebody’s Child return with indie heavy-hitter, Stubborn. Dublin-based quintet Somebody’s Child have treated us to a delightful cut of indie greatness with their latest single, Stubborn. The track is the second taste of the group’s forthcoming EP Staying Sane, set

j ember

J EMBER & S. CAREY Team Up for ‘Full Size Render’

Soothing you with tender vocals and blissful acoustic instrumentals, Full Size Render offers you the dreamy escape you didn’t know you needed. Canadian indie musician j ember takes you on a reflective journey with his latest single, Full Size Render, which combines dreamy instrumentals with

Lili Joy

LILI JOY Releases Sweet Single ‘Dandelion’

Evoking a feeling of pure joy is Dandelion, the sunny new single from Lili Joy Only 18, Californian Lili Joy is a “teenager with a unique artistry,” and has done a lovely little job at establishing herself and her sound. From appearing on The Voice,


OSKAR SVALIN Debuts With ‘Trampoline’

Not as bouncy as its name suggests, Trampoline is the emotive debut ballad from Oskar Svalin. Releasing a debut single is always scary. How are people going to react? What’s the reception going to be like? Is it good enough? These are all thoughts that

Mina Okabe

Artist Of The Week // MINA OKABE

Charming you with her angelic vocals and woozy nostalgia, Mina Okabe delights with her debut album Better Days. It’s a tricky thing to get debut albums just right, as they’re the first full taste that we get of a musician’s offering and the only chance

Richard Orofino 2021

RICHARD OROFINO Shares Breezy New Single ‘Wanna Say’

Richard Orofino opens up about his insecurities in his indie-pop anthem Wanna Say. Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter and producer Richard Orofino showcases his DIY approach to songcraft as he charms with his wonderfully breezy new single, Wanna Say. Marrying bedroom-pop aesthetics with indie greatness, Wanna Say is