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ROLO TOMASSI Stir With New Track ‘Closer’

Gearing up to release their new album Where Myth Becomes Memory, Closer is the latest tease of what’s to come from Rolo Tomassi.

Rolo Tomassi 2022

UK quintet Rolo Tomassi have been carving their own sonic corner since they first started making music, and have never stopped developing their style as they take on more dream-pop sensibilities within more recent releases. Through trial and experimentation, they’ve found a sweet spot that teeters between mellow electronics and passionate riffs, swinging into more crushing heaviness at any given moment. They delicately exhibit this precarious balance in their latest single Closer, which is taken from their forthcoming album Where Myth Becomes Memory and is slated for release on 4th February. In Closer, the mellow vocals of Eva Korman floods through you with warmth and light, before searing guitars charge through with an unstoppable prowess that you can’t resist.

Sharing more on the track, keyboardist and vocalist James Spence explains:

We wanted to show a completely different side to the record by releasing this single. The album is full of lighter, more gentle moments to contrast the darker side to it and none more so than this.

Eva continues, picking up on the accompanying music video that sees slow-motion scenes interspersed with clips of the band playing:

The narrative side to the video is about the constant cycle of change. For better or worse, we take our past experiences with us into constantly evolving new beginnings.