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Interview // Welcome to the PLEASURE HOUSE

Welcome to the Pleasure House where all stories are true. Alex Heffernan (Vocals/Guitar), Jon Moore (Bass), Abbas Shah (Lead Guitar) and James Burgess (Drums)   Apparently, Birmingham is a place to start a band. This town has given us the almighty Peace, the extraordinary Swim Deep and one of

Interview // Have you met VYNCE?

My regular Friday night. At the Barfly once again. Of course the Barfly. Where else? I suppose we should move our relationship to the next level. I think I’ll ask for keys. Seriously, a couple of times a week should be enough. What do you

Interview // VIOLA BEACH

“We’ve got our own unpredictability” the band VIOLA BEACH respond to all the hype around them. Remember when earlier this week I was talking about the band Blossoms and how they played sold out London show with only one released EP and no album out

Interview // BLOSSOMS – “We want to be everywhere”

“We want to be everywhere” BLOSSOMS say ahead of their sold out London show. I’ve considered many opening lines. I’ve started with a few different versions. I’ve probably crossed out half of them. And then it hit me. We’re not having a discussion here. I’m going for a clear

I catch up with the band Alexander on their UK tour

Just a typical Wednesday at Barfly in Camden. Quite ordinary day for a gig. Any would do, actually. With one exception. Rather extraordinary band that strikes with a strong and contagious confidence. Meet Alexander – four lads from Newcastle, 3/4 vegetarians (the guitarist loves food