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shallou 2019

SHALLOU Shares New Single ‘All Your Days’ ft Emmit Fenn

A daydream in lulled beats and glittering electronics, the newest track from shallou is a soul-soother that we all need.  Los Angeles-based producer shallou shares his soothing new track All Your Days, featuring Emmit Fenn and it’s a dazzling slice of ambient pop that can calm even the most

Sunsleeper 2019

SUNSLEEPER Release Video for New Single ‘Soften Up’

Salt Lake City band Sunsleeper have announced their signing with Rude Records and their newest single Soften Up. Things have been quiet around Sunsleeper since the release of their debut EP, Stay The Same, in July 2016. Even though they’ve been busy touring with All

Holding Absence album 2019

Album Review // HOLDING ABSENCE ‘Holding Absence’

Where language falls short in adequately expressing the human experience, music can lend a helping hand and that’s why Holding Absence’s debut album is one you need to listen to – to not only better understand yourself, but also those around you by reflecting upon

BOYS 2019

BOYS Transport You Away with New Single ‘Mind Games’

The mesmerising new track from BOYS lulls you into a haze of evocative guitars and nostalgic lyricism. London quartet BOYS smoothly drifts into 2019 with their dreamy new track Mind Games. If you’re already tired of this year and need an escape from everything, then this is the

The Night Cafe 2019

THE NIGHT CAFÉ Share DIY Video for ‘Endless Lovers’

Get a glimpse into the more everyday life of the band in their newest visuals for Endless Lovers. Liverpool quartet The Night Café have a way of drawing in nostalgia whilst creating indie hooks that will leave you wanting more. Their newest track Endless Lovers is the first

Speelburg 2018

SPEELBURG Releases New Track ‘Headlights’

Playful and oozing with charisma, there’s no resisting the charm of Speelburg and his newest single Headlights. American/Belgian born Noah Sacré, crafting under the moniker Speelburg, is back with his newest track Headlights. The single is the second to be lifted from his forthcoming mixtape Character Actor, which will

Dream State 2019

DREAM STATE Unveil Brand New Single ‘Hand In Hand’

Dream State have delivered their usual energy and bite with their latest single Hand In Hand. The perfect mixture of clean and menacingly heavy vocals, Dream State have created a track full of turbulent emotion. The opening of Hand In Hand is tranquil and calm before going into the

Homesafe 2019

HOMESAFE Share Brand New Track ‘Save Me’

Homesafe are back and sounding amazing. Homesafe have just released their catchy new single Save Me which sounds very upbeat, different to the slightly sadder lyrics. However, that being said the lyrics are hopeful and encouraging. The instrumentation reflects the lyrics being bright and bubbly. The vocals

Talk Show 2019

TALK SHOW Release Debut Single ‘Fast & Loud’

Peckham-based newcomers Talk Show emerge on the scene with post-punk tune Fast And Loud. Talk Show have debuted a unique sound for themselves with their first song, Fast And Loud, and it will be interesting to see where they go with it. The title describes