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BLACK HONEY Share New Track ‘Midnight’

The latest single from Black Honey will have you on the dancefloor till midnight. 

Black Honey will have you busting out all of your dance moves with their latest single Midnight.

It’s time to brush the dust off your dancing shoes because it’s a guarantee that the infectious tracks of the song will have you shaking your head and hips. Midnight is the perfect party track, and as the disco-pop takes over, you won’t be able to resist a boogie along.

Black Honey have been dazzling audiences with their indie sound since they bursted onto the scene in 2014, but they’ve been turning heads recently. Their latest release will see them turning even more, as we build up towards their hotly anticipated debut album, which will be released on September 21st.

Fully-loaded with their signature drama and juggernaut top line, there’s no holding back with the disco vibes in the track. As dancefloor electronics wrap themselves around you, a steady drum provides the grounding for a beat to dance along to. The chorus is unbelievably catchy, and you’ll catch yourself singing along without realising. There’s something simply irresistible about Izzy B Phillips’ sultry vocal delivery that invites you to party with the band in Midnight.