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LANY Release Music Video for ‘Thru These Tears’

LA-based trio LANY come up with a dramatic scenario for the Thru These Tears video.

Following up their last year’s self-titled debut album, Thru These Tears is a first taste of LANY‘s new LP Malibu Nights, which is due later this year.

In classic LANY’s style, the track falls into synth-infused dreamy pop patterns, filled with sentimental hooks that will get stuck in your head for days. Opening with the lyrics: “This hurts like hell”, the song surely feels emotional and heartbreaking but LANY don’t leave us without a hopeful message, as we hear: “In the end I’m gonna be alright”.

To accompany the track, the band have released poignant visuals that feature a dramatic hospital scene and an afterlife concept. Replacing their signature rose aesthetics (“rose era”) with a moon motif (“moon era”), the song truly opens a new chapter for the LA-based trio.

Frontman Paul Klein said:

“thru these tears” is especially important. at the time – i was writing it for me. but now that i’m healed and whole, it’s for you. i am 1 in like 7 billion that have experienced some sort of disappointment or pain. but i know more than anyone that therapy is just talking it out. and if i can put into words what most can’t, and give people something they can sing along to and hear themselves “talk it out” to, then maybe i can do my part in making this world a better place.

LANY have also announced first ‘moon era’ tour dates.

The first phase of the ‘moon era’ will include a short tour in Europe and the United States this Autumn. The band is set to play a one-off London show at O2 Forum Kentish Town on October 8th. As for the US leg, it will commence in their hometown LA and end in New York which, in true LANY style, gives us a hint back to their band name, an acronym for Los Angels New York.