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EP Review // HOMEBOUND ‘More To Me Than Misery’

Farnham pop punks Homebound release their sophomore EP More To Me Than Misery, showcasing a new life to the band with a healthy dose of honesty.

There’s a surprising amount of themes tackled in this five track EP, and it leaves no less of an impact than a full length album.

Homebound explore personal themes with a punk sensibility, creating an EP that will make you want to rock out, but will also touch you with its careful handling of personal subjects such as anxiety.

Listeners are plunged right into the change in opening track Change Of Heart. It contains all the elements to make it a track you won’t forget; unapologetic drumming and resonating lyrics will get your heart pounding with adrenaline. As the bass drum thunders through with an unyielding pulse, soft vocals layered over create a sense of vulnerability. This doesn’t settle for long, as the vocals shift to a higher register, belting out lyrics such as “When there’s a will, there’s a way” with unwavering passion.

The sound of a heartbeat introduces Coming Clean, before the band take over with a rousing instrumental introduction. There are some great sing-along moments, especially in the chorus as the phrases “worst-case scenario” and “more cracks begin to show” are echoed. Relating to the anxiety felt when closing in on an inevitable confrontation, Homebound put into words a feeling that we’ve all grappled with.

You won’t be given a break from the emotional confrontation in Truth Be Told as poignant lyricism exposes a vulnerable side to the band’s character. With lyrics such as “Can someone come and pick me up / ‘cause I’ve been feeling pretty low” you can’t help but feel your heart aching with a feeling that can be all too familiar. The instrumental texture plays to this vulnerable character, as it fades and swells with the emotion running behind the lyrics.

Both Indelible and Yours Truly leave the EP ending on an aching note, as they slow down the pace and allow the honesty and pain to seep through. There’s a particularly poignant moment in Indelible before the last chorus, as a solo piano filters through with a delicate melody. Homebound really hit the nail on the head with this EP, and you’ll be left yearning for more by the end.