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Fresh from the release of their second album Love And Loathing, Aussie outfit With Confidence discuss modern romance, first dates and moving forward in our latest Q&A.

Having just rounded off the final, full cross-country run of the Vans Warped Tour, we hit Jayden with some questions about the link between loving and loathing.

Love And Loathing is meant to be a look into modern romance, how do you think romance has changed in recent times?

I think it’s changed in a lot of ways. We’re more socially isolated than we’ve ever been with the introduction of social media. Everything has become so accessible that we don’t put value in the day-to-day interactions we come across. I think naturally these were the interactions where our strongest relationships, romantic or platonic, were formed. I think in 2018 romance is a little confusing because of it. This album explores that idea.

Why do you think there’s such a strong link between loving and loathing?

Because love can motivate you to be the absolute best version of yourself, but at the same time, can lead to you thinking the absolute worst of yourself. I think this album touches on both, but overall it has a message of positivity.

Aside from the lyrics, how do you think your music reflects the theme of love and loathing?

A song like ‘That Something’ musically. To me that’s what falling in love sounds like. A song like ‘Bruise’, that’s what heartbreak feels like. It’s the play on majors and minors, and how all of the instruments are interacting. I’ve always believed you should feel what the song is about before there are vocals present.

What’s your favourite lyric on the album?

That’s a hard one. Off the top of my head, “We’re pressing on a bruise just to feel something.” My favourite lyrics have always been ones that say a lot in so little.

Do you think we learn more from love or loathing? Why?

I think we learn the most from our lowest points. That’s something people need to remember, because those moments are so vital to our growth as individuals. I think this album reflects on self-loathing, not in an “I’m not enough” way. Rather in the sense of “how can I be better?”

In what way do you think you’ve evolved since Better Weather was released, and what was the biggest challenge when working on the new record?

I think we’ve all grown as people and musicians since Better Weather. I think the hardest thing was after the end of last year, working out if this is what we really wanted to do. We took a lot of time off for introspection and concluded this band can do more good in the world moving forward, than sitting negatively in the past.

How did the change in line up affect the new album?

Myself and Inigo have always been the main songwriters in the band so this is still very much a With Confidence record.

You mentioned you hid a kazoo in ‘That Something’ – are there any other surprises that fans should listen out for? How did the idea of using a kazoo come about?

We experimented a lot on this new album! There are definite easter eggs here and there. The Kazoo came about because we found it and thought it would be funny haha.

If Love And Loathing was a soundtrack to a movie, what movie (and what title) would it be?

Oooh good question. Some sort of 500 Days of Summer-esque film. A film that explores a relationship where they both grow throughout and after. Would finish on a bittersweet note of positivity. Named ‘Love and Loathing’ surely, right?

What’s the funniest / weirdest date you’ve been on?

One of my first dates as a teen was when I asked my crush to go to the movies. When we got there we discovered they only had Bollywood films that night. The movie actually ended up being really great despite me nervously leaving the tickets in a grocery store beforehand.

The band’s sophomore album Love And Loathing is out now via Hopeless Records.