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ELDER BROTHER Release New Single ‘If You Love Me (Like You Say)’

Opening with an engaging, bubbly riff, If You Love Me (Like You Say) is a nostalgia-inducing tune from Elder Brother that sheds light on mental health and the importance of love.  

Elder Brother 2020

If You Love Me (Like You Say) was written during a turbulent period of mourning in Dan Rose’s life. It shares the melancholic significance of showing love to those you care about at all times before it’s potentially too late. There is a tinny and raw quality that is reminiscent of sunshine indie rock from the nineties. At times it almost sounds like you’re listening to If You Love Me from someone else’s radio through the window, which adds to the vibe laid out by Elder Brother. The mellow and melodic cadence makes for an easy and rather pleasant listening experience, particularly if you are drawn to vocal imperfections.

Regarding the track, Rose said:

This was one of the first songs we worked on as our new full lineup. I wrote a majority of the lyrics to this song shortly after my friend Tim (Landers, of the band Transit) passed away early in 2019. It’s about showing your friends and family that you love them, not only in the good times but in the bad ones as well.