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JENNY KERN Charms With ‘Satellite’

Raw yet delicate, Satellite is a poignant alt-pop gem from the New York-based singer-songwriter Jenny Kern.

Jenny Kern 2020

Following the release of her self-titled debut EP in the Spring of 2019, Jenny Kern has offered yet another stunning cut, Satellite. And although a few months old now, the track has completely grabbed our attention.

With a minimalistic style to her storytelling, Satellite is packed full of emotion and passion as Jenny reminisces about a past relationship. Blossoming with an alluring beat, glittering synths and heartfelt vocals, the track feels both spacious and intimate. A confessional and therapeutic self-reflection on past choices totally worth of your three and a half minutes.

Speaking of her music, Jenny shares:

It’s almost cathartic, sharing emotion. Being open is not an easy feat for anyone. I want people to know that these songs come from an honest place. We all struggle to find comfort in ourselves while being open to the unexpected.