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Band Of The Week // THE UMA

Sharing their newest video Wake Up, The UMA are here to fire up your adrenaline levels with the blistering track.

The UMA 2020

Pop-rock trio The UMA are here in all of their pink, brash glory with their newest video Wake Up. After all, there’s nothing that demands you to sit up and pay attention more than scenes of cakes being force-fed and thrown against a vibrant backdrop – it’s not quite your usual pitch for a music video. The track doesn’t let you off the hook either, as it hurtles full-force at you with all the infectiousness that you could possibly dream of, packed with electrifying vocals and groovy rhythms that you will stick in your brain for days to come. Not that one would complain; the searing energy of the track is much-needed to help us get through the drabs of day-to-day life, injecting a voracious enthusiasm akin to a shot of caffeine

Explaining more of the track, the band shares:

‘Wake Up’ is a song for any moment. Whether you’re sad, happy, angry, confused or just having a moment, it lifts and separates you from everything that’s going on around you. Lyrically, the song’s just one big emotional juxtaposition and we’ve tried to capture that throughout the video.

Catching up with frontman Phil Marsh, we chatted more about the behind-the-scenes of filming and the ‘wake up’ moments for the band.

What’s a motto you live by?

I think I try and use a motto in every situation to be honest. I feel like I’ve collected so many over the years, that I’ve got like a utility belt full of them. From ‘if you don’t ask you don’t get‘ to ‘fuck it’, I think there’s a motto for most times when we need them. However, I think the most cliché yet important one is always, ‘be yourself!’ There’s only one of you and you should always be proud and believe in that.

If your sound had a colour, what colour would it be?

I think we try and put that out in all our imagery to be honest; we feel it’s a big vibrant pink. Loud and in your face but also appealing to look at.

If you could set Wake Up to a movie or TV series, what would it be the soundtrack for?

As a band we all have such a varied taste in TV/film, so I know we’d all probably have a different answer for this haha. However for me, it would have to be some sort of teen-related love triangle kind of thing, like if they brought back the OC or something similar. But it could also be the theme song for some sort of reality show like the Hills maybe?

Drawing inspiration from the track title, what would be the ideal morning for you to wake up to?

Ok so for me personally that would have to be waking up in a big soft queen-sized bed, sun shining through the window and my fiancé and daughter crashed out next to me. This next bit is going to seem probably really random… the sound of a wood pigeon outside and nothing else. That is one of my favourite sounds, and reminds me of my childhood. We’d then get coffee and go out for a walk followed by some vocal work. Oh and I’d have to fit in listening to some Mötley Crüe too. Dan’s would probably say wake up, have a coffee through his special metal straw (he has glorious teeth), hit the gym and then chill with his lady and rabbit before writing some songs. Ben’s would no doubt be quite similar however he’d probably want to include watching Joe Exotic’s music videos a few times, before leaving for the gym.

The video looks like it was incredibly fun to shoot; what’s your fondest memory of filming it?

The video was an absolute blast and we were so lucky to get it in before COVID-19 came along and ruined everyone’s day! But for me the entire day starts gloriously well before the over powering scent of cream takes over me and then doesn’t leave my nose for a week, you’ll get it once you watch the video. Matty the director really helped us bring Wake Up to life, and we wanted to include some rough situations (well as rough as you can get without hurting yourself) so we figured teasing our performances to portray what the lyrics are talking about. Where as Dan got plastered in graffiti make up, and Ben just had to eat doughnuts (which I admit sounds great but Ben HATES them) I got smothered in cake and cream and skittles and it was all in my hair in every orifice on my head, and I was extremely cold and wet covered in cream. Safe to say I had nightmares over squirty cream for a few days haha. My fondest memories of the video shoot will always come back to creamy goodness haha.

What’s a song that helps you experience that Wake Up moment of being able to depart from your emotions? 

For myself personally, it’s gotta be Girls Girls Girls by Mötley Crüe! It gives me such a strong mindset of ‘nothing matters’, it just helps me climb out of anything. I mean pretty much every Mötley Crüë song does that for me, but there’s something about that particular song that gives me tingles thinking about it. It’s just about some dudes out to have a good time, and it’s like I’m there in that moment such a kick-ass song from my favourite band.

What advice would you give to listeners who want to experience that Wake Up feeling?

I think collectively as a band, we are all extremely passionate about the feelings given out from our music. Our shows are always places we want people to let go, lose themselves in the music, have a good time and feel euphoric yet at the same time rock out. I think we would all say just let go, switch off the world and hit that play button. Connect with music in that moment. It’s a care-free safe environment, a party for all. I think we’d basically say let go and embrace the moment.

And finally, what does music mean to you?

As a band and as individuals, we’ve all had rocky roads in our lives (like everybody) and I believe music has saved every single one of us. It’s an escape. It’s survival. It’s everything.

I mean what a wonderful thing music is. A universal language. It’s friendship. I can guarantee we’ve all made friends with people regardless of their language, their background, their beliefs; I can truly say music has helped people make connections regardless of stuff like that. It’s the most beautiful thing in the world. It’s everything.