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LECX STACY Unveils New Single ‘Sonic Bloom’

Making his mark as an artist to keep your eye on, Lecx Stacy shares his burgeoning new track Sonic Bloom.

Lecx Stacy 2020Hailing from sunny San Diego, Filipino-American artist Lecx Stacy is certainly generous in sharing this warmth with us on his latest track Sonic Bloom. Having been brought up in a musical family, Lecx’s childhood dabbles with piano, guitar and singing saw him working as a producer for seven years, before we turn to today as he hones upon these earlier skills to excel as a solo musician. Having made his debut as a solo artist towards the end of 2019, Lecx returns with his newest single Sonic Bloom and first EP Face Plants. 

Sonic Bloom really could not be a more aptly titled track; the track revels in a blossoming warmth that builds momentum as it progresses, with flittering beats and reverberating vocals layering on top of one another to create a rich tone. A humming bass maintains a velvety timbre that makes the track a smooth listen from start to finish, like honey trickling through your ears. Lecx showcases a myriad of influences in the unique sound that he creates, from the more punk-infused guitar lines to the hip-hop inspired electric rhythms, all of which contribute to a sonic blend that is distinct to him.