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CIAN DUCROT Shares New Single ‘Anyone But Her’

Cian Ducrot soulfully narrates a fan’s personal pained story in his latest sorrowful single anyone but her.

Cian Ducrot 2020

After a successful last month that found him reaching one million streams with his recent single Fucked Up All The Time, the Irish multi-instrumentalist Cian Ducrot claimed a one way gold pass to his much deserving music scene breakthrough. Now, he subconsciously dazzles once again with his latest soulful single anyone but her. The self written and produced heartfelt track follows a fan’s true story of escaping to New York from her troubled family and finding herself spiralling towards addiction and overdosing at a local bar. Sharing more about the track, Cian explains:

When I heard the story it broke my heart and I couldn’t stop crying. I feel like the song wrote itself so quickly because the story was already there and it was so powerful and emotional. I felt like I had to share it because it was the most real thing I had heard in a long time.

The talented singer-songwriter clearly has a gift for writing songs that bring empowerment from pained emotions as he serves a heavenly high crooning vocal performance over a minimal melancholic acoustic-driven sonic, giving the spotlight to the doleful narrative.

Cian promises much more to come throughout the year as he aims to unveil more stories on issues of love, loss, masculinity and frustration in hope to help others overcome their own challenges.