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MILQ Make Energetic Plea for ‘Summer Again’

Laced with glittery guitars and head-bopping drums, Summer Again from MILQ is a longing cry for past love that is equal parts nostalgia and contemporary dream-pop.

MILQ 2020

If you ever wondered what it was like to fall in love during a temporary timeframe then achingly yearn for it once it’s gone, listen to Summer Again. The latest single from MILQ, an indie-pop trio from Edmonton, Canada, is a vivacious love song conveying those very feelings. With the help of strong, soaring vocals, toe-tapping rhythms, a zesty hook, and an electrifying blend of guitars and synths, Summer Again is everything you want from a dream-pop hit. It is the perfect song for a montage moment. Building up to the end of the track, a welcome key change and mood shift in the final thirty seconds turns the sweet reminiscing from earlier into a gravelly, emotional, and powerful plea to “pretend it’s summer again.”

Regarding Summer Again, MILQ elaborated:

When new love hasn’t been working out for so long, we tend to revert back to past relationships and feel like we let the right person get away. Our new song, ‘Summer Again,’ romanticizes past experiences of young love.

Summer Again is the first single off their forthcoming debut EP, tired., set for release on June 26th.