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FERGUS Mesmerizes With New Single ‘Young Tonight’

FERGUS’s calming, ethereal voice charms as it soars over delicate fingerpicking and a captivating beat in his new single, Young Tonight.  


With the release of Young Tonight, it is clear that FERGUS is as much a wordsmith as he is a musician. Lyrics like “Stirring up the smoking coals of a once great fire / As I rake our ashes through” capture your attention in a down-to-earth, melancholic sort of way that burrows deep in your brain. He creates an uplifting sadness – an oxymoron in name, but emotion felt in full.

He explained:

‘Young Tonight’ captures the calm after a storm. It’s a breakup anthem that pairs bitter lyrics with euphoric sounds as you cast off a heavy sentence and emerge, reborn, surveying the wreckage one last time before leaving it behind for good. Symbolically, summer solstice is the perfect time to release ‘Young Tonight’ – it’s all about celebrating life and abandoning negativity, manifesting new beginnings through inner reflection and revelling in the present, not dwelling on the past.

A brief but dreamy interlude lures you into a false sense of completion before FERGUS returns boldly with a repeated refrain. The title stands clear and crisp on its own as Young Tonight comes to a definitive, resounding close. The story of Young Tonight tells us FERGUS is ready to move on and manifest new beginnings; you will want to listen to this optimistic breakup song a thousand more times and still not be ready to move on.