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BECOMING YOUNG Debuts Flirty Single ‘Cherry Twist’

Cherry Twist, though sexier and more mature than his previous releases, is another certified pop bop from Becoming Young.

Becoming Young 2020

Coming off the success of his previous singles, Becoming Young, aka Brandon Calano, is back with another energetic track called Cherry Twist. Proving his adaptability and cross-genre talent, Calano moves from summery pop to a moodier, flirtatious sound with Cherry Twist. The minimal guitar allows the cool percussion beats and shakers to stand boldly with Calano’s smooth, R&B-tinged vocals. A master of catchy refrains, Cherry Twist’s “oo-oo-oo” will get stuck in your head after the first one hits. The song’s moniker comes from one spoken line that stands clear as day near the end of the track which, joke or not, solidifies the whole song.

When asked about naming the song Cherry Twist, Calano detailed:

It was a flirtatious song that I wrote for a girl I was into. As I was finishing the bridge, I needed to rhyme the word dangerous:

I like your hands on my hips / I’m intoxicated by your lips / Skin so smooth it’s dangerous…

When I was in the vocal booth with my producer, Austin Shawn, I jokingly sang: Damn, you taste like a cherry twist.

Austin burst out laughing—we were both like, what is a cherry twist? I named the song after that moment. For a sexy track like this, ‘Cherry Twist’ was the perfect title.