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NIA WYN Shares Double Single Release ‘Atlantis’ and ‘Ghosted’

With one of the most incomparable voices of this generation of musicians, Nia Wyn is once again gracing our ears with not one, but two distinct singles: Atlantis and Ghosted.

Nia Wyn 2020

Of the two, Atlantis is the more soulful and idyllic, channelling Nia Wyn’s R&B and jazz roots. Scratchy guitar notes harmonize with subtle piano and soft cymbals and percussion to create the perfect support for her one-of-a-kind vocals. There is a harshness in the optimistic escapism she sings of – “In Atlantis…We can stay all day in bed not because we want world peace, because we want to fuck in bed that’s a water bed.” In Atlantis you can do anything and be anything; it is a place of dreams where you never tire and never get ‘stuck’. It sounds as dreamy as the instrumentation that accompanies the track.

Speaking on her inspiration for Atlantis, Wyn explained:

I’m a big gamer and I got obsessed with the story of the Lost City of Atlantis through Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. I was researching Plato’s story and instead of fallen power, I was imagining this idyllic heavenly place you could run to with a lover to escape being deep into a bank overdraft, pressures from family and society and social media. The myth that Atlanteans could control things like weather and time is powerful in a world where we often feel helpless.

The second release, Ghosted, tackles another very real issue: unexpected abandonment, aka ‘ghosting’. One minute they’re there and the next they’re not. Ghosted tackles the feelings in the aftermath of losing someone without knowing why – and the realization that perhaps you never will. Wyn blends R&B with a more upbeat, poppy flavour that makes you forget, even for that the experience is sad and frustrating. Rolling drum beats and thick bass complement her sassy vocals and lyrics. Lines like “don’t get me wrong I ain’t good at keeping up, but my number’s still the same, oh I’m still the same” look directly at the ghost with pointed brashness. Nia Wyn nails the call-out track with beautiful ease.

Wyn described Ghosted as:

…pretty different – I wrote this song after a friend drifted apart from me who I thought I’d built a strong relationship with. I think being ghosted is now a universal experience in some way – whether it’s friends or dates who drop off the face of the earth completely or only speak to you when things are going good in their life or they want something from you.