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COMMON JACK Debuts Delicate Track ‘Fresh’

Soft, peaceful, and quirky are three ingredients that make up the new track from Common Jack, Fresh.

Common Jack 2020

Like fresh strawberries or a bouquet of daisies, Common Jack – or John as he’s known in his day-to-day life – has brought us inside his sweet, plush world with the release of Fresh. Opening with delicate piano and gentle strumming, Fresh builds into a dazzling composition of string instruments, romantic nature sounds, and unwavering confidence. The occasional use of vocal layering adds a shimmering dimension, but the song is far from lacking without it. John’s vocals are welcoming and warm with an overarching folksy feel that is not unlike the rest of the song. The cherry on top of this cake is the quirky, borderline absurd, but boldly transparent lyrics. Lines like “I’m a little bit too much / Like a character in a musical / Who is dying but still sings” and “Even though it’s not perfect / This time I swear it’s not a lie” bring Fresh to life and solidify Common Jack’s storytelling talent.

Describing Fresh, Common Jack elaborated:

The song explores what it means to love someone in a way that embraces the ugly, uncool, or just plain weird parts of who they are. It’s about finding a way to let yourself be vulnerable in front of someone else and letting go of our attachment to perfection or an idea of love that doesn’t exist…The song is really just about recognizing who you are and who you love and seeing each other in a very real, transparent way.

Fresh is the final single off Common Jack’s forthcoming EP, Lake Song, due out this fall via Black 17 Media.