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SAINT CHAOS Share Angst-Driven New Tune ‘Fuck With My Head’

Get ready for ground-breaking melodies and slamming riffs with the massive new single from Saint Chaos.

Saint Chaos 2020

Berlin-based alternative rock duo Saint Chaos certainly create much more noise than would be expected from two people, and this is especially the case in their mammoth new single Fuck With My Head. Filled with an unshakeable anger that fuels the track and drives it forward at a break-neck pace, the track is a brutal, crushing anthem that cannot be stopped in its path. Gargantuan riffs and battering bases come at you from all sides, leaving you with nowhere to hide from its brute force and topped off with ruthless vocals, the duo are sure to leave the ground beneath your feet shaken. Fuck With My Head sounds like the anthem for anarchical uprisings with its brazen attitude, and it is sure to rile you up and leave you feeling like you are ready to fight back against the injustices of the world.

Speaking more about it, the duo elaborates:

This hard hitting trap-rock anthem is a massive outlet for excess energy. Its lyrics speak to everyone who is sick of hearing lies and having the feeling of being pushed around. It’s like Rage Against The Machine met Grandson at The Prodigy’s birthday party.