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ELEKTRIC ANIMALS Release Electrifying New Single ‘Reckless’

Denver alternative rock band Elektric Animals thrill with newest single Reckless.

Elektric Animals 2020

Building their own brand of alternative rock that incorporates influences from classic rock ‘n’ roll and blues-infused tunes, Elektric Animals pave their way into your head with catchy new single Reckless. With a swaggering attitude and sweltering basses, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything that you won’t love about the track.

Whether it’s the drawling chorus or the magnetic guitar lines, you’ll feel yourself completely drawn in and hypnotised by Reckless. Layered vocals singing in octaves add a touch of sultriness and airiness that makes the sung words completely irresistible, and do not feel too surprised if you find yourself experiencing tingles down your spine. The guitar work is not to go unmentioned, as it sears through a thrilling bridge and take charge in a display of firepower and dominance that will stimulate your nerve-endings and leave your hair standing. With such a meticulously-produced sound to trigger an overload of sensory experiences, there is nothing reckless about the cleverness of the band in shaping Reckless into the infectious track that it is.

The band neatly summarises the lyrical direction of the track by sharing:

‘Reckless’ is a dive into uncertainty and the human condition.