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LAIK Share Heartfelt New Offering ‘Every Word’

Filled with a sense of anticipation, the driving new track from LAIK will leave you hooked on every sung word and strummed chord.

LAIK 2020

Chicago-based outfit LAIK open up and confess some of their inner anxieties about newfound romance in their latest single Every Word. Describing themselves as a band that “combines alternative rock and electronic / pop elements to often display a polarity between melancholy lyrics and a major key”, that seems an apt description of Every Word as you will find yourself being carried away and getting lost in the mellifluous, sweetened melodies whilst a more nervous lyricism simultaneously paints a different narrative.

The band explains that “this song is about finding new love and looking into your past with a fear of history repeating itself”, a feeling that many of us are all too familiar with as we enter into new relationships. The apprehensive core of this emotion makes its way into the musical accompaniment as well, as dynamic percussion continually maintains the rhythmic drive and push at an upbeat tempo. Evocative and atmospheric guitars set the scene for vocals to take centre stage, and a general sense of nostalgia can be felt until a subdued ending leaves thoughts hanging on a more reflective note.