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STACEY Shares Trippy New Single ‘D.M.T.’

Following the release of her previous single Far Away, the 21st century hippie has let her brain run free on her newest release D.M.T.


Whereas STACEY is a familiar name in the Toronto scene, from where she originates, fans from around the world may know her sound from her soundtracks featured in Orphan Black, Degrassi, and Lucifer. The latter features a song called Calling Me, which has crossed 700k plays on Spotify and rightfully so. STACEY’s sound reminds listeners of 60s golden age pop icons, but with a 2020 twist, and D.M.T. is no different.

The second single from her debut album Saturn Return, due in the Autumn, D.M.T. is a study in psych-pop. It’s a blooming track with melodic vocals that make you want to drift away. If the sound doesn’t give you enough of a trip, the visuals of the music video certainly will. STACEY collaborated with Peruvian collage artist Sara Serna to create a sequence of moving multi-coloured collages starring the singer sporting some of her best outfits and hairstyles.

D.M.T. is the kind of song that Tame Impala would be proud of, with a video that makes you feel like you’re on psychedelics and a sound that makes you wish you were.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the song, STACEY shares:

‘DMT’ is a fun, modern exploration of psych-pop. I wrote it with some of my favourite songwriters, Canadian duo Babygirl. We let our brains run free with melody and lyrics and of course a love for Beatles-y vibes. I’m a big psych-rock enthusiast, old and new, and was excited to dip my toe into that world.