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Daily Archives: August 21, 2020

Delachute 2020

DELACHUTE Unveils New Track ‘Sophia’

Take a moment to delve into new track from Montréal based artist Delachute titled Sophia  who’s haunting  personal experiences have given a unique perspective that artists rarely explore. The artistry is layered and textured throughout Delachute’s work with help from Grammy award winning producer Mark Lawson.

JUJ 2020

JUJ Drops Sassy New Single ‘1-800-HELL-NO’

Brimming with sass, 1-800-HELL-NO is a defining moment for LA-based artist, JUJ. Through every crackling beat, aquatic synth melody, and snappy lyrical run of 1-800-HELL-NO JUJ exudes the feisty confidence. Taking the energy of a woman scorned and serving it up in a scalding pop