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COFFEE TALK Revive Early Pop-Punk With New Release ‘No Place In Your Head (feat. Matti)’

German band, Coffee Talk, is bringing back early 2000’s pop-punk with a vengeance.

Coffee Talk 2020

Through Hoppus-esque vocals, poetically heartfelt lyrics and vehement instrumentation, the band’s latest single No Place In Your Head, will send listeners back to the days of lip rings, studded belts and brightly-coloured hair.

Crediting Jimmy Eat World and Taking Back Sunday as some of their influences, Coffee Talk have a strong knack for forging modern melodies from the ashes of the pop-punk greats before them, all the while creating nostalgic sounds that will reignite the angsty teen inside us all.

The group’s meticulous musicianship is evident, proven through the catchy riffs, intricate solos, hearty breakdowns and heart-pumping percussion found on No Place In Your Head. The addition of featuring female vocalist, Matti, only raises the already high bar the group set for themselves following the release of their first single Reflections.

Matching the yearning of the band’s frontman, Matt’s haunting echoes take the already impactful lyrics behind the track and make the words palpable.

With all the fixings to earn its place on any of blink’s golden albums, No Place In Your Head and Coffee Talk have proven themselves to be more than novice noise makers, but rather, full fledged pop-punk pro’s. My former self is eagerly waiting for them to grace the next cover of Alternative Press.