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AKA BLOCK Explores Differences in New Single ‘She Loves Cats, I Like Dogs’

The Amsterdam-born songwriter has released his fourth single of 2020, showcasing his sonic palette with a mix of mellow sounds.

AKA Block 2020

A sweet contemporary R&B track, She Loves Cats, I Like Dogs describes the true story of two wildly different people finding a connection. The two lovers from New York City and Los Angeles explore their discrepancies and try to figure out how they ended up so attracted.

The track is beautifully easy to listen to, a tender song with welcome interruptions by Olivier award winning actor Tia Bannon describing her love for The Big Apple in such a delicate way that it becomes unimaginable that people wouldn’t share her view.

With a track like this, we’re looking forward to the next EP or perhaps a second album. Anything can be next with a self-proclaimed chameleon like AKA Block.