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THE SATELLITE STATION Shares New Single ‘Need You Right Now’

The Satellite Station opens up on loss and grief and offers consolation in his soulful, melancholic new single Need You Right Now.

The Satellite Station 2020

2020 has kept things busy for the indie folk singer and songwriter Travis Rue, aka The Satellite Station, as he surprises his audience with yet another wondrous release. Following the release of his acclaimed debut album What Are We All Searching For and a remarkable string of singles consisting of Brave, Feel This Again and Come Home, Need You Right Now is a logical continuation of what the singer has introduced us to for the past two years.

Starting off on a melancholic note that sees Rue’s soothing vocals overlying acoustic wistful piano chords, the soulful single builds into a dynamic chorus filled with melodic pop synths that make you anticipate what’s coming next and, of course, it doesn’t fail to amaze. Behind the rhythmic sonics and charismatic vocals though underlies a painful story as the singer explains:

‘Need You Right Now’ is about losing someone and the grieving process that comes with that loss… how we still feel echos of that person after they are gone and how we can never fully prepare for their departure. While clearly a sad song, it has an inspirational vibe and huge, epic choruses.