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AUGUST BRODIE Releases New Single ‘killing me’

Joining the new wave of pop-punk hybrids, august brodie sheds light on feelings of internalized fear and confusion with his new single killing me.

august brodie 2020

A little bit hip-hop and a lot 2000s nostalgia, the Canadian soloist has found a way to channel all of his musical influences. The result is the deceptively upbeat and emotionally charged new single, killing me. The combination of the resounding guitar riff and thick bass create a sturdy backing for august brodie’s saccharine vocals. Although a somewhat controversial effect, the added edge of autotune brings his song to life, further defining who brodie is as an artist and making killing me a song you want to put on repeat.

The message conveyed in killing me is important to understand:

I’m at a point in my life where I don’t know what the hell I’m doing, and it’s killing me literally. I think so many people act like they have it figured all out, but there’s an uncertainty in there somewhere that maybe this isn’t the right path, whether that is in your love life or life’s path in general. That’s why I wrote ‘killing me.’ So many people are scared to do what they love and I think that’s fucked up. Go do what you love so that when you’re older looking back you can’t regret you didn’t.