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JOSHUA ZIGGY Shares Yearning New Single ‘Only You’

With a tender and mellow sound, let Joshua Ziggy serenade you on his newest single Only You.

Joshua Ziggy 2020

Hailing from Oxford, the city of dreaming spires, Joshua Ziggy captures some of the dreaminess of his hometown in his intoxicating and bubbly sound. In his newest single Only You, he artfully blends evocative synths with a sweet guitar melody to deliver a sonic sugar rush that will leave you feeling elated. The effervescent melody injects an irresistible douse of bubbliness whilst his honeyed vocals will leave a touching impact upon you. Indulging you with heartfelt lyricism that touches upon the joy that love can bring, the track reflects the intoxicating dizziness that accompanies a passionate relationship and leaves an arduous yearning and desire for more. Upbeat grooves add a rhythmic dazzle that will leave you weak at the knees from the catchiness of Joshua’s sound. As you listen to the track, you will feel like in that moment, it is only you and Joshua, with nothing else to distract your attention.

Speaking more about the track, Joshua shares:

This is an intimate song that shows the power and delicacy of being close with one’s partner, the connection from years of knowing them, learning of them and growing together. There’s no one else in these moments but us.