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LOVELESS Release Massive New Single ‘Someone Else’ feat. KELLIN QUINN

Channelling their angst and frustrations into music, Loveless add a new dimension to heartbreak with their blistering new single, Someone Else.


With a pop-punk tinge to their explosive sound, LA-based duo Loveless might have come up with the most thrilling pop-rock formula that we’ve heard recently. Featuring Sleeping With Sirens frontman Kellin Quinn, their new single Someone Else packs a punch with its immense soundscape and hard-hitting lyricism. Intense and intimate, it presents a multi-dimensional take on the end of a relationship.

Haunted by ghosts of the past, the track finds the duo navigating through heartbreak, as an adrenaline-charged rush of sweeping instrumentals and forceful yet melodic vocals mirrors the emotions behind it. Evolving into an introspective tale on one’s anxieties and unrest, Someone Else is sure to resonate with many listeners, making Loveless worthy of a spot on your ‘ones to watch’ list.

Speaking on the new track, vocalist Julian Comeau shares:

I initially wrote it about my high school crush. It kinda evolved into a song about any night where you’re stuck, staring at the ceiling going ‘why cant I think of anything else, can I please stop seeing that person’s face? Can I stop thinking about that time I said that stupid thing or made a fool of myself?’.

‘Someone Else’ is both you and the person you wish you couldn’t see, in a sense. Most our songs basically start about relationships and then turn into angst-filled songs about our anxieties taking over control.