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GIVE ME A REASON Drop Pop-Punk Banger ‘Funny’

Boisterous and full of life, Give Me A Reason give you two-and-a-half minutes full of them to stop what you’re doing and listen to their new single, Funny.

Give Me A Reason 2020

Switzerland has blessed the pop-punk scene with its export, Give Me A Reason. Their latest release, Funny, is “you can’t pay me to put it down” levels of catchy with a hook you’ll have playing on repeat in your brain after the first iteration. What sets this single apart is not the strawberry milkshake hued video or the undeniable energy; it’s the way they package together different elements from the genre like they had never been separate pieces before. The opening verse channels “trap punk” with glitzy, grungy synths but seamlessly drops into a heavier second half. Vocalist Mattia Di Paolo shines as a lead with crisp vocals and youthful energy. Funny confirms that these guys have everything it takes to be really, really big in the pop-punk scene.

Di Paolo explained the meaning behind the lyrics, simply saying:

It’s about a relationship with someone who doesn’t treat you like you deserve.

Funny will appear on Give Me A Reason’s upcoming EP, Vice Versa, due out 23rd October.