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KAHONE CONCEPT Releases New Single ‘Intricated’

The newest single from Pittsburgh’s Kahone Concept hurts, but in a masochistic, “do it again” kind of way.

Kahone Concept 2020

Intricated completely captures the emotional ebb and flow of heartbreak and disappointment. The haunting piano/synth mix builds into a rousing emotional plea from Kahone Concept’s Ben Orrvick – “please speak to me” – as a wave of glitching percussion crashes over everything. As it recedes, we’re left with piano notes that are delicate as they are gripping, breathing life into the melancholy. Through all of Intricated, Orrvick flawlessly hits every high note and carries himself with ease through the rest. The heartache in his voice during lines like “learn from my own damn mistakes” makes Intricated a painfully good track.

Speaking on his song, Orrvick explained:

This is my first direct “love” song. I got friendzoned and wrote this one for myself. My friends really liked it and managed to convince me to record it and put it out there. It’s called “Intricated” because back when we had our thing “Delicate” by Damien Rice was kinda our song and she used to always say our relationship was complicated and delicate, thus “Intricated” was my spin on that.