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SCORS Soundtrack a Romantic Narrative With ‘You And I Get Along’

Offering their signature eclectic mix of musical influences, SCORS share visceral new cut You And I Get Along.


South-East London quartet SCORS are not quite the most conventional kids on the block, but it’s precisely this charismatic and individualistic sound that makes them so striking and hard to resist. Bringing a jangly mix of textures, it’s a concoction that sounds jarring and bizarrely mismatched on paper, yet shows itself to be a hooking sound that shouldn’t work but somehow does in practice. With their newest offering You And I Get Along, they broach the conventional love song by spinning a familiar narrative in their own innovative way, with woozy guitars and laid-back bass lines cushioning velvety vocals that are thick with feelings and desires.

Divulging more about the track, the band elaborates:

Love songs are a staple – though every time we’d go to write a love song it would always have a melancholic edge; what that says about us – take from that what you will. When we made this particular number we decided to write a proper love song with little to no sad undertones. We made use of quaint and slightly clichéd lyricism to reflect this. Here we have ‘You & I Get Along’ – a song about longing, lust and affection with the narrator putting into words their idyllic view of their lover. Though realising there’s no obvious way to express their affection they come to a realisation – why over explain it?