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DD WALKER Shares Dreamy New Single ‘Like You’

As the last sunshine of summer shine their rays, DD Walker’s newest single Like You is the perfect send-off.

DD Walker 2020

New York-based multi-instrumentalist, producer and mixer DD Walker helps us to prepare a sweet send-off to long summer nights and days in the sun with his sweet new single Like You. Following on from the success of his previous single Malibu, Like You looks to expand upon the triumph and further draw you into the sweet sounds of DD Walker. Completely self-produced and mixed, Like You marks a creative culmination that belongs entirely and uniquely to DD Walker.

Opening with airy electronics and dainty beats, you’re quickly immersed in the agile vocals of DD Walker as he starts his tale of ‘summer in the city’. Slowly layering on different textures as guitars join in with an ardent zeal, it lends to a natural movement and progression that drives the track continually. Docile lyrics convey a feeling of burgeoning romance and the tender infatuation that accompanies any romantic admiration of a person. An interplay between the vocals in the chorus almost creates a dialogue between what DD Walker wants to say to the person, and his thoughts underlying his words, with the effect that you’ll share in the same smitten sentiment that grips the artist.