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PREMIERE // GLEN ECHO Shares New Single ‘Glambien’

Not only is the moody Glambien the lead single for Glen Echo’s just announced debut EP, but it’s also the titular track for this upcoming collection. 

Glen Echo 2020

Opening to the sounds of radio tuning, Glambien sets the stage for Glen Echo’s forthcoming EP of the same name. The hazy ambience suits the effortlessly cool R&B rhythm, sucking listeners inside the nuances of love, abuse, and purpose. The song, which is a hybrid of “glamour” and “ambience”, builds from methodical minimalism into a confident wall of sound. Flickers of static compliment Glen Echo’s entrancing upper register throughout, but keep an ear out in the final minute to experience the full effect. Glambien is a beautiful, haunting look into what is coming next for Glen Echo.

Glambien will be released as individual singles over the next three months, culminating in the five-song EP.